Artificial Intelligence marketing tools are not a product of the future.  They are here now and here to stay.  Artificial Intelligence tools are tools you need to be using for your marketing, especially if you are on a tight marketing budget.  AI will not only help you optimize your ads, but it is crucial to keep your budget on track.

Google Ads For Your Business

No matter if you are a hyper-local business or you sell globally, Google ads are a necessity to fit into even the smallest marketing budget. Google is the most popular and most widely used search engine.  Even the name Google is now embedded into our everyday speech.  There are more than 4.3 billion (yes, billion with a B) users daily.  Google helps users with more than 1.2 trillion queries every year.  With more than 99,000 searches a second on Google, your business needs to come up when users type in relevant keywords that pertain to your business. 

What are Google Ads?

Google ads are the first search results that come up when a user types in a question or keywords when looking for a product or service.  The ads will be the very first results, along with a short blurb about the product or service.  Since more than 75% of users never go past the first page when searching on Google, it’s where your business needs to be.  You can be on that first page via a search engine-optimized page, or via Google ads.

Artificial Intelligence when used with your Google ads can streamline your process of creating ads.  Certain AI tools do a lot of research for you.  This includes customer research, keyword research, competitor research- so you can seize opportunities your competitor has missed, headline optimization, and ad description optimization for relevance.

Benefits of Using AI with Google Ads

Because Google is such an incredibly huge platform there are endless possibilities as to how much your Google ad can help your business achieve. If you have a small-scale budget AI marketing tools are essential.  

The biggest and most obvious advantage of AI when it comes to Google ads is all of the time it saves you and/or your marketing team.  As any business owner knows time is money, so as you save time, you save money, which is imperative when working with a small-scale budget.  In everything the AI does, it saves you time, especially when it comes to research. 

All of the research your team needs to do- audience research, keyword research, as well as data analytics, is done faster with the help of AI.  AI has the means to analyze real-time data quickly and accurately.  Your AI can instantly tell you what ads are working and which are not performing as well.  This is especially useful when performing A/B testing on your ads.  

One huge benefit to this analyzing of data is ads that are not performing as well as desired, can instantly be frozen.  This ensures you aren’t spending your limited ad budget on ads that aren’t working.  Your business can also look at what isn’t working and try to figure out why, which can improve your ads in the future. 

On the flip side of freezing ads that aren’t performing, the ads that are doing well can be more utilized and optimized.  Your AI can recognize ads that get more clicks and it can put those ads in front of more of your targeted and optimized audience.

Your AI analyzes the users who are clicking on your ad and uses that information to create a more specific ideal customer profile.  With this profile, your AI can better target your ideal audience, and ensure your ad is one of the first things they see when they are searching for a product or service like yours.  This hyper-targeting of your ideal audience means the user’s search results are as relevant as possible.

With Google ads, you are either setting your budget, for PPM marketing, or you are paying for each click, PPC. AI can monitor your PPC ads and if you are getting too many clicks and your budget is getting stretched by clicks, your AI can halt your efforts, so you don’t go over budget.  AI is an essential tool to keep your budget in check.

One thing to keep in mind is even the very best artificial intelligence is considered a marketing tool.  It is not a solid marketing strategy.  AI needs to be part of your marketing, not all of your marketing.  AI can help to streamline your marketing efforts, but it will not replace a marketing team or a copywriter.  Think of AI like you would think of a shovel.  A person can dig a hole without a shovel, but using one makes digging a lot faster and easier.  The shovel doesn’t dig the hole itself, it needs human manipulation and direction.  AI is not something to be intimidated by.  It’s a tool, not a takeover, especially if you have a smaller sized budget. You can’t afford not to have the assistance of AI.

Because of how time and research-intensive it can be for a business to run PPC and PPM ads on Google, many businesses choose to consult with a marketing agency when advertising on Google.  If you want to advertise on the largest platform in the world and have questions about how to do it, give The Creative Agency a call.  The Creative Agency uses an in-house team of marketing experts, as well as AI tools to ensure your ad budget is going as far as it can.  

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