In our world, there exist massive behemoth companies that appear unstoppable – giants that dominate the market. However, just because a company is giant doesn’t necessarily make it the best. Are we using these companies simply because everyone else is using them? Take, for example, Amazon, a giant among giants, the online retail store where you can get seemingly anything and everything and have it delivered right to your doorstep in a matter of hours. Even though Amazon is a titan of internet sales, other companies still sell online and have great success doing so.

Similarly, Google has been a giant in the search engine market, providing a comprehensive suite of services including email, maps, classrooms, storing, and sharing content and information. However, in recent years, users have grown weary of how big Google has gotten and its privacy concerns. Google tracks everything its users do online, and many people are concerned about the information it collects about them.

Enter Microsoft and its answer to Google, Bing. Microsoft has relaunched Bing and Edge with all-new features to take on Google’s offerings and provide a more user-friendly experience. Bing has long been known for its more visually immersive image and video search, and with the integration of AI technology, Bing can provide more comprehensive answers to even complex questions. Microsoft wants to change how users interact with the internet, providing a more immersive and relevant experience.

Bing has been gaining ground in the search engine market, with its market share increasing from 3.99% to 8.8% in 2022. Microsoft estimates that about half of the more than 10 billion search queries online every day go unanswered, indicating a need for a search engine that can differentiate itself from Google. By combining AI, search, and browser together, Microsoft has created a whole new experience for users, one that is more interactive and immersive.  

As the future becomes today and technology moves faster and faster, it’s companies like ours and Bing that are innovating and creating, using AI as tools to get more accomplished and constantly pushing the envelope. Connect with us to ensure your business stays on the cutting edge with Bing and beyond.

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